2014 Gala Awards Dinner

Another successful evening was had by all at the 47th annual presentation awards dinner at the Holiday Inn York. Again the event was a total sell out

and it is hoped to use the same venue again next year.

Peter Duke was our guest , Peter is the son of the legendary Geoff Duke and

managing director of Duke Marketing who make the videos and DVDs that are

sold around the world.

The first lot of presentation were the Hill Climbs, the trophies were presented by Dr Justin Mhaka. Then came the Northern Clubmans Championships which were presented by Jonathan Milner, Jonathan who is a real enthusiast has provided machinery for a number of riders in the past and looks after the clubs radios and PA systems.

The final awards of the evening for the Road and Track were given by Peter Duke, rounding of the presentations was the Geoff Duke Trophy which went to the winner of the Duke Rankings Championship and for the first time in its history went to an englishman , no other than the clubs own James Cowton, James also picked up the Lee Vernon Trophy for the UK Supertwin Championship.

Then came the big surprise of the evening when Peter Hillaby was called to the stage to receive the Dave Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award from Motorcycle News. It seems as though it was Jamie Whitham and Carl Fogartys comments that helped the MCN team make the decision.

Gala Gala

Photos are copyright of www.alanhorner.co.uk

Classes in the Championship

CLASS 1 Lightweight up to 450cc
Solo machines up to 450cc 2-stroke & 4-stroke production machines up to 500cc
(Awards overall and to 125cc 250cc 400cc subject to min 4 entries per group)
CLASS 2 Super Lightweight
Over 400cc up to 650cc 4-stroke 2 cylinders maximum
(Awards overall and to Minitwins subject to min 4 entries)

CLASS 3 Junior 600cc
Solo machines up to 600cc 4 cylinders, up to 675cc 3 cylinders and up to 750cc 2 cylinders.
CLASS 4 Senior 700cc – 1300cc
Any solo machine 700cc – 1300cc
CLASS 5 Count of Cadwell
CLASS 6 Sidecar Open
(Awards overall FI, F2, F350 and classic/vintage subject to min 4 entries per group)
CLASS 7 Formula Light
Racing machines up to 350cc built before 1990
Vintage and Classic machine up to 300cc
Formula 400
Steel frame and pre injection up to 700cc

CLASS 8 Formula Libre
Solo machines 175cc and over manufactured before January 2001
All steel frame and pre injection machines 701cc-1300cc
Vintage or Classic solo machine over 300cc



Class 1 Lightweight up to 450cc
Solo machines up to 450cc – 2 stroke and 4 stroke production machines up to 500cc
Awards Overall and to 125cc-250cc. 400cc. Subject to a minimum of 4 entries per group.

Class 2 Super Lightweight
Over 400cc up top 650cc 4 stroke 2 cylinders maximum.
Awards overall and minitwins subject to a minimum of 4 entries per group.

Class 3 Junior 600cc
Solo Machines up to 600cc – 4 cylinders, up to 675cc 3 cylinders and up to 750cc 2 cylinders
Class 4 Senior 700cc – 1300cc
Any solo machine 700cc – 1300cc
Class 5 Feature Race such as Spring Cup, Cock O’The North and Gold Cup
125cc – 1300cc.
Class 6 Sidecar Open
Awards Overall, F2, F350 and Classic/Vintage subject to a minimum of 4 entries per group.
Class 7 Formula 2
Solos to Classic TT Specification.
Class 8 Formula 1
Solos to Classic TT Specifications.

New website for Oliver’s Mount

The Auto 66 Club have set up a new webpage solely for the Oliver’s Mount race meetings. The current Auto66.com will be used for all social and club race meetings as well as car and bike speed hill climbs.

The new webpage www.oliversmountracing.com is now up and running and with a little bit of tweeking over the next two weeks.

The current Oliver’s Mount webpage run by Chris Machin will shortly become Oliver’s Mount Legends and will deal purely with the historic part of the racing and can be found at oliversmountlegends.com. This will also tie in with the new proposals that are presently being put before the council over the legends museum at the circuit.

The marshal’s association will continue to use the auto66.com site. The new website will deal solely with road race information for the mount including advanced tickets which will shortly be able to book online and pay by paypal or credit/debit card. Those who want to book tickets for next season the usual way, the booking form can now be downloaded from the Auto66 website.

The club have also opened a facebook and twitter account and an instragram page:





The bike and car Hill Climb at Oliver’s Mount on 17th August 2014, turned out to be one of the best of the season. There was a really good turnout of officials and marshals and everything went according to plan, without any major incidents.

The highlight of the weekend was Warwick Davies who came along with a television production team and his family, to sample the sport and experience the paddock atmosphere. Warwick is currently making a television series of events he has attended, and this will be featured in one of them. During the lunch break, Warwick was driven up the hill at a reasonable speed, with one of the car competitors, Geoff Peters. On returning to the paddock we managed to push Warwick’s eyes back in as he said it was one of the most frightening experiences he’d ever had!!

Before the timed runs after lunch, Warwick took a leisurely ride up the hill with his family in his blue VW Campervan before leaving the venue for his next appointment.

There was a good entry and selection of cars, the many spectators seemed to enjoy themselves observing in the paddock and chatting to the riders and drivers.

We had a good selection of vehicles ranging from the spectacular 1913 Theophile Schneider at a whopping 10,000cc, lots of different sports cars and a good selection of single seaters.As you will see from the results the weather was kind with reasonable driving conditions all day.

The bikes also proved spectacular with everything from 125ccs to superbikes and three wheelers.