Cadwell Park’s 80th Anniversary

This event although being very late organised proved to be a tremendous success with queues of spectators waiting to get in when the gates opened, queues at the cafe and burger bar from 9am til 4pm and the paddock bursting at the seams which provided a tremendous atmosphere. Cadwell Park with the help of Peter Boast put together a tremendous display of classic machinery in the Paddock ,the Parade of Stars produced names from the past including Mark Phillips, Derek Chatterton, Roger Burnett, David Hailwood, Malc Wheeler, Danny McCloud, Guy Martin and his father Ian, Ian Simpson and John Cooper. Also joining the parade were John Reynolds, Steve Plater, Paul Cott, Lloyd Dickinson, Graham Rohdes, Alan Duffus, Tony Myers, Rex Butcher just to name a few. All in all a day to remember.

We must take the opportunity to apologise to the marshals who missed their lunch break due to the action packed program, this will be rectified at the October meeting (see marshals section).

Teesside 31st August Road Race Championship has been cancelled

Due to lack of support at recent meetings, it has been decided to cancel the above meeting and reform the championship for 2015 by launching the dates earlier. This will enable everyone to get them into their calendar earlier, which we believe is one of the main problems this year with the low numbers with the dates not been announed ’til spring.

Super Teesside Speed Weekend

After a terrible entry the club decided to run the sprint alongside the road race on Sunday 6th July.

The morning started off damp and drizzly so the club decided to run the sprint first which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

This event also counts towards the Northern Bike Speed Hill Climb and Sprint Championship.

Listed below is the 1st in each class:-

Class 1 – Michaela Tiernan

Class 2 – Nigel Critchley

Class 3 – Nick Colley

Class 4 – Keith Pringle

Class 5 – Sam Cartwright

Class 6 – Neil Waterhouse

Class 7 – Geoffrey Shackleton

Class 8 – Neil Paylor/Ian Paylor

The Road Race was run as one big class with 4 legs of 10 laps with the overall top 3 riders listed below:-

Race 1 – 1st – Nick Colley,   2nd – Keith Pringle,     3rd – Sam Cartwright

Race 2 – 1st – Nick Colley,   2nd – Keith Pringle,     3rd – Thomas Pugh

Race 3 – 1st – Nick Colley,   2nd – Keith Pringle,     3rd – Thomas Pugh

Race 4 – 1st – Nick Colley,   2nd – Keith Prinlge,     3rd – Thomas Pugh

The weekend turned out to be a huge success and this type of event will hopefully be run next year.