Road Championship Starts at Oliver’s Mount

A number of Championships have been put together by PMH Promotions after requests by many Road Racers who can’t afford to do the short circuit Championships. The first one has been run successfully for 2 years by the Auto 66 Club and for 2015 becomes the “UK Road and Track Championship” with rounds at Oliver’s Mount, Armoy in Ireland, the Southern 100 in the Isle of Man and the Ulster Grand Prix, counting towards this Championship.

The Championship is being supported by Silkolene and Bridgstone and will cater for Super Lightweights ie minitwins etc – Junior 600ccs and Senior 700cc-1100cc classes. There will be 14 rounds with 12 to count and there is already £1000 in the pot for the end of season Champions with hopefully more to come.

Another new Championship being run at the request of many riders and entrants is the UK Classic F1 and F2. These events will be run at Oliver’s Mount and Cadwell Park with 2 rounds at each meeting. The formula for the classes is the same as the Classic TT regulations which can be found on the Isle of Man webpage.

Already there is £2500 in the kitty for the end of season prize fund and talks are carrying on with a possible sponsor to increase this series.

The Sidecars have not been forgotten – work is in progress to put together Formula 2 Road Masters Series. More details on this in the next few weeks.

UK Road and Track Race Championship continues in 2015

The Auto 66 and PMH Promotions Ltd have spent quite a few months formulating a championship using figures from the last two years where the championship has been run on a lower scale. For 2015, Fuchs Silkolene will be supporting the series which will be run over 14 rounds with the riders’ best 12 to count towards the series.

The proposed rounds are :

Cadwell Park               21st – 22nd March 2015

Oliver’s Mount            11th – 12th April 2015

Southern 100                6th – 9th July 2015

Oliver’s Mount            18th – 19th July 2015

Armoy                             25th July 2015

Ulster Grand Prix       8th August 2015

Oliver’s Mount            12th – 13th September 2015

Cadwell Park               24th – 25th October 2015

There will be 3 classes in the championship:

Super Lightweight ( 400cc – 650cc twin cylinder 4 stroke machines – Supertwin and Minitwin)

Junior 600cc (600cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke, 675cc 3 cylinder 4 stroke, 750cc 2 cylinder 4 stroke machines)

Senior (700cc to 1100cc)


With over £3000 in cash plus trophies at the end of the series, it is hoped the championship will be well supported as it has been designed to support the Read Road Race supporters and mid field riders who can’t afford to do the National and International championships on shorter circuits.

New classic bike championship for F 1 and F 2 Motorcycles

After many requests from sponsors, Auto 66 Club and PMH Promotions Ltd have put together the UK F1 and F2 series for 2015. The event will be run over 11 rounds, with the best 10 to count. Riders may also use the Classic TT towards their points which will be given after they have submitted their result in the event, as this is a stand-alone event and does not come under our possible sponsorship deals.

Classic Formula 1

Up to 1300cc, air cooled 4-stroke machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986

Up to 1300cc, liquid/air cooled 4-stroke machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986

700cc – 750cc 4-stroke, 4 cylinder machines 01/01/1987 – 31/12/1992

Up to 1000cc 4-stroke, 2 & 3 cylinder machines and Norton rotary-engined machines

01/01/1987 – 31/12/1992

Classic Formula 2

Up to 750cc 4-stroke, 2 cylinder machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986

Up to 600cc 4-stroke, 4 cylinder machines 01/01/1973 – 31/12/1986

126cc-350cc 2 stroke machines 01/01/1968 – 31/12/1992

Prize money will be set by the organizing clubs but the promoters have set aside £3000 minimum for the end of series top three in each class including trophies.

Supplementary regulations for most of the meetings will be available in the next couple of weeks by contacting the circuit office on 01723 373000 or

2014 Gala Awards Dinner

Another successful evening was had by all at the 47th annual presentation awards dinner at the Holiday Inn York. Again the event was a total sell out

and it is hoped to use the same venue again next year.

Peter Duke was our guest , Peter is the son of the legendary Geoff Duke and

managing director of Duke Marketing who make the videos and DVDs that are

sold around the world.

The first lot of presentation were the Hill Climbs, the trophies were presented by Dr Justin Mhaka. Then came the Northern Clubmans Championships which were presented by Jonathan Milner, Jonathan who is a real enthusiast has provided machinery for a number of riders in the past and looks after the clubs radios and PA systems.

The final awards of the evening for the Road and Track were given by Peter Duke, rounding of the presentations was the Geoff Duke Trophy which went to the winner of the Duke Rankings Championship and for the first time in its history went to an englishman , no other than the clubs own James Cowton, James also picked up the Lee Vernon Trophy for the UK Supertwin Championship.

Then came the big surprise of the evening when Peter Hillaby was called to the stage to receive the Dave Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award from Motorcycle News. It seems as though it was Jamie Whitham and Carl Fogartys comments that helped the MCN team make the decision.

Gala Gala

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Classes in the Championship

CLASS 1 Lightweight up to 450cc
Solo machines up to 450cc 2-stroke & 4-stroke production machines up to 500cc
(Awards overall and to 125cc 250cc 400cc subject to min 4 entries per group)
CLASS 2 Super Lightweight
Over 400cc up to 650cc 4-stroke 2 cylinders maximum
(Awards overall and to Minitwins subject to min 4 entries)

CLASS 3 Junior 600cc
Solo machines up to 600cc 4 cylinders, up to 675cc 3 cylinders and up to 750cc 2 cylinders.
CLASS 4 Senior 700cc – 1300cc
Any solo machine 700cc – 1300cc
CLASS 5 Count of Cadwell
CLASS 6 Sidecar Open
(Awards overall FI, F2, F350 and classic/vintage subject to min 4 entries per group)
CLASS 7 Formula Light
Racing machines up to 350cc built before 1990
Vintage and Classic machine up to 300cc
Formula 400
Steel frame and pre injection up to 700cc

CLASS 8 Formula Libre
Solo machines 175cc and over manufactured before January 2001
All steel frame and pre injection machines 701cc-1300cc
Vintage or Classic solo machine over 300cc



Class 1 Lightweight up to 450cc
Solo machines up to 450cc – 2 stroke and 4 stroke production machines up to 500cc
Awards Overall and to 125cc-250cc. 400cc. Subject to a minimum of 4 entries per group.

Class 2 Super Lightweight
Over 400cc up top 650cc 4 stroke 2 cylinders maximum.
Awards overall and minitwins subject to a minimum of 4 entries per group.

Class 3 Junior 600cc
Solo Machines up to 600cc – 4 cylinders, up to 675cc 3 cylinders and up to 750cc 2 cylinders
Class 4 Senior 700cc – 1300cc
Any solo machine 700cc – 1300cc
Class 5 Feature Race such as Spring Cup, Cock O’The North and Gold Cup
125cc – 1300cc.
Class 6 Sidecar Open
Awards Overall, F2, F350 and Classic/Vintage subject to a minimum of 4 entries per group.
Class 7 Formula 2
Solos to Classic TT Specification.
Class 8 Formula 1
Solos to Classic TT Specifications.




Successful end of year Road Race Bonanza


The Auto 66 end of year meeting at Cadwell Park on 25th-26th October 2014 proved an overwhelming success. The main championship of the weekend was the Count of Cadwell won by Mick Goodings with 61 points, followed closely by step brother Mark with 52 points and Mark Lister coming 3rd with 30 points. The other big championship was the Lee Vernon’s Super Lightweight Championship which was won convincingly by James Cowton with 104 points from James Neesom with 57 points and Jamie Hamilton with 37 points. All the results for the Northern Clubman’s Championship and the Road and Track Championship can be found on the club’s webpage at .

The meeting also included the hugely anticipated Sidecar Bonanza which proved to be a great success with full grids and very close, edge of your seat racing.

There were classes to cater for all with Vintage, Classic, Formula II and Formula I. During the weekend competitors were anxious to have the club’s confirmation on next year’s event which will definitely take place with another Sidecar Bonanza, building on this year’s success, at Cadwell Park on 24th-25th October 2015, which will also include the final rounds of the solo championships.

All the championship awards will be presented at the club’s annual dinner and awards evening on Saturday 17th January 2015 which is always a fantastic social and celebratory way to end the season and will take place at the Holiday Inn at York; again….further information on this can be found on the club website.

Further details available from:   Auto 66 Club, The Circuit Office, Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough,       N Yorks., YO11 2YW                   Tel: 01723 373000 Fax: 01723 373111 E-mail:

Cadwell open to everyone

The Cadwell Bonanza on 25th/26th October is open to all road race licence holders. Only riders with membership of the Auto66 will be allocated championship points. This means anyone no matter what club you belong is eligible to enter.

New website for Oliver’s Mount

The Auto 66 Club have set up a new webpage solely for the Oliver’s Mount race meetings. The current will be used for all social and club race meetings as well as car and bike speed hill climbs.

The new webpage is now up and running and with a little bit of tweeking over the next two weeks.

The current Oliver’s Mount webpage run by Chris Machin will shortly become Oliver’s Mount Legends and will deal purely with the historic part of the racing and can be found at This will also tie in with the new proposals that are presently being put before the council over the legends museum at the circuit.

The marshal’s association will continue to use the site. The new website will deal solely with road race information for the mount including advanced tickets which will shortly be able to book online and pay by paypal or credit/debit card. Those who want to book tickets for next season the usual way, the booking form can now be downloaded from the Auto66 website.

The club have also opened a facebook and twitter account and an instragram page: